South Park Is Ridiculously Funny

South Park Is Ridiculously Funny

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South park is one of the longest running animated displays in America with a huge fan base of fans. The show just entered their thirteenth season, perhaps stronger than ever.

1. They will attack anyone if they think that it will warrant raccoon removal service a fantastic laugh. Sometimes controversial and frequently attacked by the media and various “offended” personalities, South Park has done the unthinkable. From defaming sacred religious figures, to offending popular celebrities, the comedy duo believes either everything is okay to poke fun at or nothing is.

One example some were appalled at in the media, was when the show was running an episode where Satan is holding a Halloween party in Hell where people are expected to be wearing costumes. Satan places someone in what appears to be a Steve Irwin costume with a stingray impaling him. Satan opinions on the costume claiming it is “too soon”, to which the person replies that it is not a costume, implying it really is Steve Irwin in the party in Hell. To which Satan replied he must get leave the party as it’s costumes only.

2. The fresh ideas. In an industry filled with re-hashed plots and boring sequels, the comedy show has done hundreds upon hundreds of episodes with original and creative plots. The episode in which McCain and Obama’s attempts at election were a ruse for an “Ocean’s Eleven” style theft, or in which the South Park boys want to sue Lucas and Spielberg for raping Indiana Jones and at the same time within that very episode Cartman was trying to prevent an imaginary invasion of the Chinese as the “American Liberation Front”. It’s hard to imagine these kinds of episodes being run by any television series besides South Park. Nevertheless the “Look Out Indy” episode had earned South Park one of it’s highest ratings as the shows’ most viewed premiere since 1999, despite perhaps offending millions at the exact same time.

In the end, the series stands as the only winner fighting for the right to poke fun at anything and everything in order to give hundreds of original comedic episodes that have won them one of the largest fan bases in television. Matt Stone and Trey Parker can boldly and take responsibility for millions of laughs, and have helped to bring about change that extends beyond the borders of their own display as they constantly appear on the news and political talk shows with their bold messages, giving birth to another set of people who identify themselves proudly as “South Park Republicans” or more recently “South Park Libertarians”. Matt and Trey have struck a vein with America that goes deeper than simple comedy.

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